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  • 07/04/17 - 48-253 TF-15A Bicentennial Eagles, 48-257 F/A-18C F/A-18F Demo Hornets and 48-258 F-5N Modern Adversaries are Now Available for Order!!
  • 05/19/17 - 72-104/48-256/32-067 F-16C Baby Got Fullback Aggressors is Now Available for Order!!
  • 1/30/16 - Free 48th scale Missile Markings sheet with every T-45 Goshawk order until remaining kits are sold out!


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48-258 F-5N Modern Day Adversaries


The US Navy Adversary community is constanly updating their paint schemes to keep up with the times as our potential threats continue to update their indigenous country paint schemes on their modern fighters.

Three new paint schemes from both VFC-13 and VFC-111 make up this release!  "PAK-FA" is the latest from VFC-111 while both "Rotten Banana" and "Batmobile" are the latest and greatest from VFC-13.  Also inluded in the sheet are INERT missile markings that are unique to these US Navy squadrons.

Enough decals included for three complete aircraft!

Recommended Kits:

  • AFV Club F-5N

48-257 F/A-18C F/A-18F Demo Hornets


Two US Navy Demonstration Team Demo Hronets are represented on this sheet.  These aircraft are often seen during the airshow season throughout the US hilighting the capabilites of the aircraft during their aerial demonstrations.

The F/A-18C is with the VFA-106 Gladiators but painted in a retro scheme reminiscent of VFA-15.  This aircraft has the names of all the former commanders of this historic squadron as well as a "Don't Tread on Me" flag on the speed brake.

The F/A-18E Super Hornet is from VFA-122 and is painted with "6" Kuss on the tops of the wings in commemoration of Capt Jeff Kuss who lost his life in 2015 while a member of the Blue Angels.

Enough markings included for two complete aircraft.

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  • Hasegawa F/A-18C Hornet
  • Kinetic F/A-18C Hornet
  • Revell F/A-18F Super Hornet
  • Hasegawa F/A-18F Super Hornet

48-256 F-16C Baby Got Fullback Aggressors


The 57th Wing at Nellis AFB continues to generate new adversary paint schemes that mimic the newest schemes from potential adversaries of the US, "Splinter" and "Shark" are the two newest.

We worked with the actual crew chiefs of these particular jets to get all the little details "just right".  You'll notice that the Russian stars are larger on two aircraft than the first Splinter jet that was painted in this scheme.

We have included vinyl paint masks for the Shark scheme to paint the false dielectic EW panels that mimic the ones that are on the SU-34 Fullback aircraft.

There are enough markings on this sheet for two complete aircraft.

Sized for the Tamiya F-16C kit

Recommended Kits:

  • Tamiya F-16C
  • Hasegawa F-16C

48-255 SU-24/SU-34 Syrian Sukhois


Our first foray into Russian aviation and it's a good one!  This sheet coincides with the new release of the Hobby SU-34. 

Both SU-24 Fencers and SU-34 Fullbacks have been heavily involved in the Syrian conflict and we've captured multiple airframes here with LOTS of mission markings!  There are options for (7) SU-34 aircraft and (3) SU-24 aircraft.  One of the SU-34 has special markings to commemorate the shootdown of Oleg Peshkov's SU-24 (markings for this AC are also included) by a Turkish F-16 in Nov. 2015.

SU-34s have had a myriad of tail markings during the conflict and we have provided nose/tail markings of these aircraft to capture these deviations as best as we can construe from our reference sources.

Only major AC markings are included to use in conjunction with the kit provided stencils.

Recommended Kits:

  • Hobby Boss SU-34
  • Kitty Hawk SU-34
  • Trumpeter SU-24

48-254 F-16C WA WA WA Nellis Vipers


The 57th Wing at Nellis AFB continues to generate new adversary paint schemes that mimic the newest schemes from potential adversaries of the US with the "splinter" scheme being the latest.

We worked with the actual crew chief of this particular jet to get all the little details "just right" on this jet and we've included a couple of other topical schemes on this sheet.

The Arctic scheme comes with both a white and black set of stencils so the modeler can trim his walkway decals to match up with any variations in the camo scheme and we've also included an "old school" Flanker scheme from the mid 90s to round out this sheet.

Sized for the Tamiya F-16C kit

Recommended Kits:

  • Tamiya F-16C
  • Hasegawa F-16C

48-253 TF-15A Bicentennial Eagles


In1976, McDonnel Douglas attended multiple airshows on their world tour as they marketed and tried to attract multiple international partners for their F-15 program.  During this airshow season, the aircraft was painted in this striking Bicentennial scheme to commemorate the 200th birthday of the United States of America.

During Farnbrough, Canada and Australia tours, the aircraft had minor tweaks done to the scheme and all three versions are represented on this decal sheet.

Enough decals are included for one complete aircraft.

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa F-15B/D
  • Great Models F-15B/D
  • Academy F-15B/D

48-252 F-16A La Vipera


This Italian Viper special scheme was appllied to this F-16ADF aircraft in April 2010 to commemorate the deactivation of this squadron.  One of the more striking paint schemes that the Italians have applied to their F-16 aircraft.

This is a Block 15 ADF version of the Viper and these decals have been sized specifically for the Kinetic F-16AM kit.  The Tamiya F-16 can be used with some modifications.

Recommended Kits:

  • Kinetic F-16AM

48-251 F-16C Blizzard Aggressors


There are currently two aircraft painted in this striking "Blizzard" scheme with the 64th Aggressor Squadron at Nellis AFB.  Twobobs had originally done AC 269 as part of the OPFOR Super Pack in 2012.

This new product provides markings for AC 269 in both line jet as well as the USAFWC Commander markings.  AC 301 is also captured on this sheet. 

There are two complete sets of stencil data as well as intake/exhaust/wheel/crew ladder markings for these aircraft.

Sized for the Tamiya F-16C kit

Recommended Kits:

  • Tamiya F-16C
  • Hasegawa F-16C

48-250 F-15C Repo Eagles


Upon the disestablishment of the 65th Aggressor Squadron from Nellis AFB, the F-15 aircraft attached to that squadron were transferred to various USAF ANG squadrons.  The 144th FW of the California ANG acquired these aircraft as replacements for their F-16Cs.

A handful of these aircraft carried the aggressor paint scheme before waiting for their repaint to the traditional Mod Eagle scheme.  We've captured two of these aircraft on this decal sheet along with one of the standard Mod Eagle jets from the squadron.

There are two sets of stencil data on these aircraft for the three various paint schemes.

Sized for the Hasegawa and Great Models F-15C kits.

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa F-15C
  • Great Models F-15C
  • Revellogram F-15C

48-249 B-1B Modern Day Bones


The B-1B has become the de-facto heavy bomber used by the USAF in the global war on terror.  With the integration of the Sniper XR targeting pod, this aircraft is currently flying mission profiles in the AOR that are commonly referred to as "Heavy CAS".

There are two marking options available on this sheet.  The 489th Bomb Group has a long history that dates back to WWII when they flew B-24 bombers in the European Theater.  With the re-establishment of this bomb group, we have provided markings for the new Wing King jet.

The second set of markings are for a B-1 assigned to the Nellis Fighter Weapons School.  This is also a Wing King jet for the 77th Weapons Squadron.

Nose art adorns both of these aircraft and there are complete stencils that allow you to build one aircraft.

Recommended Kits:

  • Revellogram B-1B
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