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24 August 2008Droppin' the "411" for this week at Twobobs!
What's New This Week!

New Hot Babe of the week is up courtesy of your friend and mine, Ken Middleton. Look for this A-10 to make it on the Philadelphia Freedom sheet as one of the three jets on that release. Thanks Ken as always!

This week has me banging away like crazy on artwork. Look for all of these to go to print by the end of the week.
Decals In Work!
Got some new sheet images for you guys. Two of these sheets are in work and I'll be done with both of them tomorrow night more than likely.

The Wisconsin sheet is shaping up to be a lot of bang for your buck with options for 11 Jets! Hell, another 9 or so and you could build the whole squadron!

The Philadelphia Freedom A-10 sheet is coming along very well also. Two more jets to go on that guy and it'll be ready as well.

Right when I get the Tiffie sheets all ready to finish, my buds in the UK drop some more references on me. Good problem to have and it looks like we'll be doing a "Press to Test Tiffie" sheet along with the operational sheet(s) to capture a lot of the weapons test birds from a couple of years ago. Snazzy looking jets with some very cool loadouts.

News on 3rd Party Friends of Twobobs!
Got a couple of new sheets in this weekend. I'll be updating the site here shortly with images and links of this MAW and Xtradecal new release.

72-MAW-003 F/A-18 Alphabet Soup

X72086 TA-7C Corsair Twosair

Until next time!

Bob Sanchez
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48-047 Saab Viggen
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