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48-245 Saab AJ/JA-37 Viggen


Just in time with the new release of the excellent Tarangus Viggen!

This sheet features options for 7 different aircraft with enough stencil data for two complete aircraft! 

Full stencils and a couple of jets that have never been done in decal form!

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  • Tarangus Saab Viggen
  • Airfix/Esci Saab Viggen

48-239 F-5F Double Trouble Bandits


To coincide with the new release of the AFV Club F-5F kit, we are happy to introduce markings for six USN/USMC adversary aircraft.

There are enough markings on this sheet to build six complete aircraft.  One of the six is the 25th Anniversary aircraft from VMFT-401.  Markings are also included for the ejection seats of these aircraft.

Recommended Kits:

  • AFV Club F-5F
  • Revellogram F-5F
  • Quickboost Aux Intakes
  • Quickboost Gun Barrels
  • Quickboost Pitot Tubes
  • Quickboost Control Sticks
  • Scale Aircraft Conversions Metal Landing Gear

48-238 F-15C Digital Flanker


All three scales (72nd, 48th, 32nd) of this Digital Flanker scheme are captured on this sheet.

This F-15C was the first of multiple aircraft from the 65th Agressor Squadron that were to be painted with this scheme that is patterned after a Sukhoi SU-30B Flanker demo scheme.  After this aircraft was painted, it was announced that the 65th Aggressor Squadron would be disbanded and therefore, no other jets would be painted with this eye catching paint job.

Coined with the nick-name "Digital Flanker" by squadron personnel, this aircraft debuted to the public at the 2011 Nellis Airshow.  We have captured this jet in all three scales in this one product and include full stencils as well as intake/exhaust plug markings, wheel chock markings and ALE-47 Chaff/Flare dispenser markings.  The ALE-47 markings represent the typical loadout carried by this aircaft during Red Air missions.
A very accurate and complete sheet that was created with the direct assistance of 65th AGRS personnel.

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  • 1/48th Hasegawa F-15C
  • 1/48th Academy F-15C
  • 1/48th Revellogram F-15C
  • 1/48th Tamiya F-15C
  • 1/32nd Tamiya F-15C
  • Aires Exhaust Nozzles
  • Black Box Cockpit
  • Cutting Edge Masks
  • Eduard Photoetch Updates
  • Steel Beach Int/Exh Plugs
  • Twomikes Seamless Intakes
  • Verlinden Update Set
  • Wheeliant Wheel Chocks

48-236 F-15C Eifel Eagles


F-15C Eagles from the 36th TFW of historic Bitburg AB in Germany. Multiple time frames are captured on this sheet with a great selection of squadron and wing commanders aircraft as well as MiG killer and special scheme aircraft. Three different stencil styles are included.

Covering multiple time frames with photographic references provided by USAF pilots as well as US and German citizens from the last 25 years, this is one accurate and complete sheet.  Sized for the Hasegawa kit.

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  • Hasegawa F-15C Eagle
  • Academy F-15C Eagle
  • Tamiya F-15C

48-224 F-16C/D Hellenic Falcons


F-16C/D Block 50/52 jets from the Hellenic Air Force.  There are enough markings on this sheet to build two complete jets.  Both data stencil styles are available on this sheet as well.

Peace Carvin type spine is required to accurately complete the D model.

All decals are sized for the Tamiya kit but these can also be used on the Hasegawa and Kinetic kits with minor adjustments.

Recommended Kits:

  • Tamiya F-16C
  • Hasegawa F-16C/D
  • Kinetic F-16C/D
  • Academy F-16C
  • Revell F-16C
  • Wolfpack Design Conversion Set
  • Black Box Cockpit
  • Aeroclub Accessories
  • Eduard Detail Sets
  • Aires Detail Sets
  • CMK Conversion Set

48-223 AV-8B Gunship Harriers

Marking options for up to five aircraft with enough data stencils for one complete jet from VMA-214 and VMA-223.  the signature jet on this sheet is a special scheme from the Blacksheep of VMA-214.
These markings are for the new gunship gray scheme that the USMC are now painting all of their Harrier aircraft in.
Both the Night Attack and the Harrier II Plus variants of the aircraft are represented on this sheet.

Recommended Kits:

  • Hasegawa AV-8B Night Attack Harrier II
  • Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus
  • Aires Accessories
  • Eduard Accessories
  • EZ Masks

48-211 EA-6B/EA-18G VAQ-132 The Kings of Sting


CAG Markings for the Scorpions of VAQ-132 for both their EA-6B Prowler and newer EA-18G Growler.

One of the first squadrons to go fully-operational with the Growler, this is a very topical subject.

Full set of stencils for both aircraft to include the first complete set of stencils per Navair manual of the Growler ever released in decal form.

There are also ALQ-99 pod markings for both aircraft included in the set.

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  • Revellogram EA-6B Prowler
  • Kinetic EA-6B Prowler
  • Wolfpack Resin ICAP II Prowler Update Set
  • Avionix Accessories
  • Eduard Paint Masks
  • Revellogram F/A-18F Super Hornet
  • Hasegawa F/A-18F Super Hornet
  • Steel Beach Growler Conversion

48-209 F-16A/C/D Press to Test Vipers


The ACAT Auto-Collision test aircraft as well as two of the AFFTC photo/safety chase aircraft are represented on this sheet.  The F-16D is a Block 50 jet while the orange/white aircraft are single seat, Block 15OCU and Block 25 aircraft.

There are enough markings included to build the ACAT aircraft and one of the orange/white versions with stencil options for both the Tamiya and Hasegawa kits.

Recommended Kits:

  • Tamiya F-16C
  • Hasegawa F-16D
  • Aires Exhaust Nozzle
  • Aires Wheel Well Set
  • Aires Cockpit Set
  • Eduard Accessories
  • CMK Accessories

48-208 F-100C USAFE Skyblazers


With the help of family members of the actual pilots that flew these aircraft, we are proud to announce this monster set of markings for the Skyblazers from 1956-1961.

All marking options for multiple aircraft have been captured in this four sheet set.  There are many variations from year to year and this product allows you to capture all these intricacies exactly.

One of the most historically relevant subjects ever done in decal form!

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  • Revellogram F-100D w/Cutting Edge "C" conversion
  • Aires Wheel Well Set
  • Aires Exhaust Nozzle
  • Eduard Detail Set
  • Eduard Paint Masks

48-207 F-5E Nellis Gomers #1


Just in time for the great AFV Club F-5E kit!

Five different aggressor aircraft from the 57th FWW of Nellis AFB.  Enough markings on this sheet for five complete aircraft!

Old Blue/New Blue/Grape/Ghost schemes are represented on this sheet.

Recommended Kits:

  • AFV Club F-5E
  • Monogram F-5E
  • Eduard Photoetch
  • Avionix Cockpit
  • Wolfpack Resin Upgrades