72-106 B-2 Spirit Global Strike Stealth

Twobobs collaborated with Modelcollect to provide decal artwork for their latest B-2 release.  In the kit decals you get options for three aircraft markings as well as one complete set of stencils.  Utilizing the kit stencils, our decal sheet provides you markings to build any of the remaining production aircraft in the B-2 fleet.

We've selected various windows of time and various squadron markings to give a good cross spectrum of the various markings these aircraft have worn since being fielded.  Most of these aircraft do not carry crew names while deployed but we've managed to capture some of these as well as some mission markings from various conflicts.

The older Testors kit can also be used by utilizing the kit stencils in conjunction with these decals.

Sized for the Modelcollect B-2 kit

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